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Wedding Day Makeup Tips from Ora Wedding’s Daisy

Last time, Daisy let us in on her tips for achieving the natural look. This time, she provides tips and secrets for both brides and makeup artists to achieve the most beautiful you.

Daisy’s Makeup Secrets 101

  • Get a facial a week before your wedding day. A professional facial will do wonders for the tone, clarity, and smoothness of your skin. But make sure you don’t wait until the day before, because the skin can be extra sensitive after a facial. If you’re not experienced in doing it yourself, please go to a professional – it makes a big difference!
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Dry skin is a killer for a good clean makeup application. Always make sure your skin is well moisturized. Remember, it is always easier to take down extra shine than it is to apply product on dry skin.
  • Use the right products. Don’t try anything new without testing it out beforehand. If something has worked for you before, don’t be afraid to just go with it. Your wedding day is not the day to be experimenting. That’s what the makeup trial is for (highly recommended just in case you get an allergic reaction, which can happen). But if you’re doing anything yourself, tried and true works best.
  • The right primer and concealer will do wonders. Daisy uses the following products below for a clean finish that lasts the full day, very important for the wedding day.
    daisymakeupLeft to Right: MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, $30 US, MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage, $26.50 US

  • Make sure your makeup artist has hygiene practices. This cannot be taken for granted or underestimated. Dirty and unwashed brushes can spread bacteria and cause you to break out.
  • Blending is key, and the right tools are necessary. Different areas of your face require different brushes and application methods – your skin is the biggest organ on your body, and even on your face, has different sized pores. All brushes are not made equal, but the right tools and techniques, as any professional makeup artist knows, is just as important, if not moreso, than the products used.
  • And last but not least, eat healthy and get your sleep! Makeup application actually starts from the inside out. We know that sometimes it can be hard to maintain healthy habits before your wedding day, but try your best. Good sleep = good skin. Eat a well-balanced diet, with lots of nutrition. And don’t forget to get your exercise. Exercise promotes healthy blood flow, which actually does wonders for your skin. You’ll get that natural glow you’ve always wanted, and that is always a great start for any makeup application.

    So there you have it, Daisy’s tips and secrets for excellent makeup application. If you ever have any questions, she will be more than happy to answer any inquiries to make sure that you will look your best on your wedding day. And if you’re a 2011 bride, remember to book Daisy early – she’s going to have a busy wedding season, as always.

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  • 2011-02-20

    Keeping it fresh: Makeup by Daisy

    At Ora Wedding, we know how important it is to look your best on your wedding day, and during your pre-wedding photos – after all, it is a once in a lifetime (at least we hope!) event. Daisy, who is not only our sales manager but Ora’s in-house makeup artist, is highly sought after for brides who want to look their best. If you have ever tried to book her, you will know from her schedule how in-demand she is. (Hint hint, Daisy is still accepting bookings for 2011. Please contact us for her availability and rates.)

    One thing she frequently gets requests for by brides-to-be is a natural look. They don’t want anything too heavy, just natural and pretty for the wedding day. Something like these beautiful brides Daisy has worked on (which by the way, are not models, but actual clients!):

    The look is clean, fresh, and natural, and really brings out each person’s individual beauty. Not the case of the cloned bride effect: We have heard horror stories of couples who have gone in to view their pictures, only to find that (gasp!) all brides look alike and they cannot even tell which is them – good thing they have the grooms to be able to tell everyone apart. Trust us, this is a common story we hear from our clients, who come to Ora wanting something different: “I want to look beautiful but still like me.”

    At Ora, Daisy have perfected her makeup application technique over years of experience working on hundreds of faces, and she still manages to keep it fresh.

    As for those brides who are looking for a natural look, I think they got what they were looking for. But here’s something that Daisy always tries to get her brides to understand: in order to achieve the natural look for photos, the work that goes into it is so much more detailed, but the results are so beautiful. So if you want the natural look yourself, don’t freak out when the application takes upwards of an hour and it feels like she is putting so much makeup on – when you see the photos, you will say “wow”, just like we do, every single time.

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    Braving the cold: I+J

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    We always joke that with each pre-wedding shoot, and with each wedding, that it will be our last for the season. After all, who wants to take photos in the blistering cold? Well, we had such the opportunity this year with Ivy and Jason – remember the sneak peek from our last post? Our team consisting of photographer, photographer’s assistant, and makeup/hairstylist braved the cold two weeks ago during the short but memorable snowfall, in minus 5 weather.

    In the end, the photos were definitely worth it. Do they even look cold? Not at all. Here’s to our last pre-wedding shoot of the season (though stay on the look out for photos from our last wedding shoot, coming soon)! In one word: amazing. Congratulations Ivy and Jason!

    And we really hate to say this because winter hasn’t even started yet, but we are so excited for spring and summer to roll around – more weddings, more beautiful brides, and more sun.

    Photography: Gavin of Ora Wedding
    Makeup/Hairstyling: Daisy, Nico

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    A love for all seasons

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    Because of the snowfall last week, we were able to catch the beautiful snow for the final season of 2010 (even though it is technically still fall – definitely feels like winter though). So we are all wrapped up for pre-wedding photo shooting this year, lest anyone wants to be out there in the freezing cold, for hours, wearing a wedding gown. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this year: spring, summer, fall and winter 2010. Enjoy.

    P.S. If you want to book your pre-wedding session for next year, now is definitely the time so you can get in on your season of choice! Please e-mail info@orawedding.com for details.





    Photography: Gavin of Ora Wedding
    Makeup/Hairstyling: Daisy

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